Design & Technology

Our design and technology curriculum gives the girls practical skills to use simple tools and equipment safely. They are encouraged to talk about how things work, to draw and model their ideas and to select appropriate tools and techniques for making a product. Our goal is to foster enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose in designing and making. We make cross curricular links with computing, art and design, science and other subjects.

Design and technology is taught by form tutors in Nursery and Reception, through the specific areas ‘Expressive Art and Design’ and ‘Understanding the World’. From Year 1, the curriculum largely involves design and construction with increasing emphasis on investigating materials and developing skills particularly in joining materials and handling tools. From Year 3, projects include paper and felt making, constructing wooden moving toys, making puppets, building electrical toys and money containers, designing and making kites, rockets, animal homes and painting silk cushions.

Design and technology lessons also incorporate food technology. The girls learn about eating a healthy, balanced diet and about the different food groups. We aim to give all of the girls three practical cooking experiences during each academic year. There are often cross-curricular links or girls prepare food based on topics. Some of the things the girls design and make are: bread, fruit and vegetable kebabs, pizzas, a Roman feast, space krispies, a cocoa or banana based Rainforest dish, crumble and a rationing based dish.