Learning Technologies

Our ICT provision serves to ensure that the girls are prepared for the wider world through coding, augmented reality, green screen technology and robotics, alongside the traditional curriculum requirements including touch typing.

Technology use is at the forefront of life at Sarum Hall.  We approach technology in a balanced and holistic way.

Pupils throughout the School have structured Computing and ICT lessons where they learn the skills necessary not only to understand but to enjoy using today’s technology. In addition, ICT is increasingly used to support the teaching in other curriculum areas, from maths to music.

Rather than the traditional computer suite with banks of desktops, our recently renovated suite is a contemporary and flexible learning space. The environment fuses the lastest mobile technologies with the innate ability of all children to be creative. There is no fixed furniture; everything is mobile. It’s a space in which the pupils take ownership of their learning.

The school uses G-Suite tools including Google Classroom as well as other online educational tools, such as Purple Mash and Seesaw, to enrich the curriculum and enhance the girls’ learning experience.  Preparing our pupils for the future of education, the workplace and the world in general, is key to our curriculum. This is accomplished through gaining experience of collaborative working, understanding how to use a range of different technologies, of course, how to be safe online.

Examples of technology use include:

  • 3D design and modelling;
  • Coding and Robotics;
  • Augmented reality;
  • Stop Motion Animation;
  • Practical computing knowledge;
  • Green Screen filming for topics and assemblies;
  • Digital display and notice board;
  • Parent Portal and Parent mobile application.

All classrooms have interactive whiteboards or state-of-the-art touchscreens allowing the use of engaging resources from the web during lessons. The use of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom also allows for regular use in cross-curricular subjects.


Should the school or pupils need to access learning remotely, activities will be provided through the various platforms and online educational tools that we use in school.


‘I would also like to thank you and your team for putting together such a user-friendly smoothly-operating Remote Learning system which has brought some structure and positivity to the chaos of this new surreal environment.’

Sarum Hall parent

‘We are very impressed with the remote learning offering Sarum Hall has provided and can see how much thought and hard work has gone in to try and provide a varied and interesting timetable for the girls. There is definitely plenty of work to keep them occupied.’

Sarum Hall parent

“Why did we choose Sarum Hall? Its reputation and our observations on the school’s value system and pastoral care, and how they raise the girls in addition to educating them. Also their commitment to music, the arts and extra-curricular activities.”

Sarum Hall parent

“I think she is being extremely well taught in a very nurturing environment.”


Sarum Hall parent

“My daughter is happy and enjoys her school experience immensely. She often surprises us with the breadth of her knowledge.”

Sarum Hall parent