Online Safety

Technology is integral to modern life and internet access is part of our daily lives at work, school and home. There are benefits and risks associated with new technologies and it is essential for young people and their parents and carers to understand how to reduce and manage these risks to make the most of the opportunities that the internet provides.

At Sarum Hall, sensible and monitored use of the internet across the curriculum encourages discussion about its benefits and drawbacks. An emphasis is placed on following the SMART rules to encourage responsible and safe online activity and to help pupils become responsible digital citizens.

    Be SMART, think before you click!

Parents and carers play a key role in supporting children to learn about how to stay safe online, and they are one of the first people children turn to if things go wrong. We know it can be challenging to stay on top of new developments in this area, so we hope that the advice on the following website links help.

If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating online, let CEOP know.

Resources for children

Resources for parents and adults