Healthy Living

We have long recognised the link between happy, successful
learners and an active, healthy lifestyle.

It has been part of our ethos since 1995 and having achieved Healthy School status.


Within school, girls are encouraged to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. All food is freshly prepared in our kitchen and the nutritious menu includes traditional and modern dishes from around the world. Hot and cold dishes are available daily, together with a variety of salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, some from our garden. Fruit, vegetables and other snacks are provided during morning break. All diets are catered for. Everyone, staff and pupils, eat together in the bright dining hall, allowing social interaction and the practice of good table manners.

Our girls are always active in school, whether in PE lessons, at playtimes or enjoying our wide range of sports clubs such as country dancing, karate, fencing, netball, rounders, tennis and football.

We also promote a healthy lifestyle outside of school. We support the Camden Schools Travel Plan initiative that promotes undertaking environmentally friendly journeys to school. Girls are encouraged, where possible, to walk, scooter or cycle to school. This not only increases the fitness of our pupils but also improves the local environment. There is provision at school for bicycles, buggies and scooters and for those living further afield, car sharing and the use of public transport are promoted. We have achieved higher standards level in the School Travel Accredited and Recognised (STAR) scheme as a school with a travel plan that promotes and achieve safe and active travel.


“Why did we choose Sarum Hall? Its reputation and our observations on the school’s value system and pastoral care, and how they raise the girls in addition to educating them. Also their commitment to music, the arts and extra-curricular activities.”

Sarum Hall School parent

“I think she is being extremely well taught in a very nurturing environment.”


Sarum Hall parent

“My daughter is happy and enjoys her school experience immensely. She often surprises us with the breadth of her knowledge.”

Sarum Hall parent