Modern Foreign Languages

The girls learn French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. They gain confidence, fluency and spontaneity, laying the foundations for further foreign language learning. We also celebrate the diversity of languages in our school community and often have a Day of Languages.


French is taught to all girls from Reception. The focus is on practical communication and the emphasis is on speaking and listening, so that pupils learn to ask and answer questions and develop accurate intonation and pronunciation. From Year 3, reading and writing in French are developed, building on listening and speaking skills and vocabulary learning.  Pupils learn through communicative games and activities and develop an appreciation of stories, songs, poems and rhymes. Independent work enables them to manipulate the language and engage in conversations.  Basic grammar is introduced where relevant, depending on the topic being studied.

There are strong cross-curricular links and from Y​ear 3 girls take part in an annual French assembly. In the summer term, Year 6 girls spend a week in Normandy where they experience French culture and have the opportunity to practise their language skills.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is taught in Years 4 and 5. The focus is on speaking and listening and the girls also learn to write characters.  At the end of Year 5, the girls sit the ISEB Common Entrance Exam Level 1.


In the final term of Year 6, our pupils have the chance to learn some basic Spanish.