Welcome from the Headmistress

A very warm welcome to Sarum Hall School, which has been educating girls since 1929. It is a great privilege to lead this vibrant, energetic, happy, and successful school.

“Sarum Hall School is an exciting and busy place with many varied opportunities built around a strong academic foundation.  It is exciting to see how the staff and the girls bring learning to life every day, in order to nurture and develop inquisitive minds and innate curiosity.

“Our pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves in every discipline in order to find their passion for a love of learning in an area in which they can build confidence.  This confidence quickly affords them courage “to have a go” in other activities.  We are unashamedly ambitious for all and value each aspect of the curriculum.  This is reflected in the wealth of opportunities the girls are exposed to and the range of stimulating subjects which make up our dynamic and diverse curriculum.  In this way the children learn when it is their turn to step into the spotlight and contribute and when it is time for them to take a step back and let someone else bring in their area of expertise; all for the greater good of the team and the richness of the community.

“We support our children to become independent, articulate, creative thinkers, who are inclusive, respectful, and courteous towards everyone.  We encourage them to be resilient in themselves, and to learn the personal skills needed to meet life’s ups and downs, so they can work and play with all members of the school.

“Our caring and devoted staff – teaching and support – know each girl as an individual which allows us to identify and celebrate personal achievements and triumphs on a regular basis.  The strong sense of community within the school promotes humility, a feeling of security and genuine happiness for one and other’s successes.

“Our pupils take their social and ecological responsibilities seriously, to ensure they can serve their community in the round.  Our Golden Values (kindness, courage, respect, honesty, fairness and resilience) underpin all we do to help prepare each child to continue their schooling and life’s adventures beyond.

“Our website can only give a flavour of life in our school, so please do arrange a visit.  I look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our community.”


Karen ColesHeadmistress

“Why did we choose Sarum Hall? Its reputation and our observations on the school’s value system and pastoral care, and how they raise the girls in addition to educating them. Also their commitment to music, the arts and extra-curricular activities.”

Sarum Hall School parent

“I think she is being extremely well taught in a very nurturing environment.”


Sarum Hall parent

“My daughter is happy and enjoys her school experience immensely. She often surprises us with the breadth of her knowledge.”

Sarum Hall parent