Sports, Performances and Events

At Sarum Hall School, we pride ourselves on hosting an array of wonderful sports, performances, and special events that highlight the diverse talents and passion of our pupils.


We are proud of our outdoor space which boasts a floodlit netball court and 4 short tennis courts. The purpose built and fully equipped gym also ensures that we are able to hold the majority of our sports lessons at school regardless of the weather. The girls have dance, gymnastics and yoga alongside training in other sports such as netball, football and hockey.

  • Pupils at Sarum Hall School enjoy an extensive range of sports in a cooperative and stimulating environment. Lessons take place in our purpose-built, well-equipped gymnasium, outside on our multi-purpose Astroturf and at Primrose Hill. Swimming lessons take place at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.


  • As well as the physical health benefits of Sport, the pupils benefit from competition, problem-solving, and improved wellbeing through participation in Sport. We offer a diverse and challenging Sports curriculum, which includes; football, netball, swimming, gymnastics, cross Country and athletics. We seek to challenge our pupils, both physically and mentally, as they aim high to achieve their full potential.


  • At Sarum Hall School, we run a thriving extra-curricular PE programme, where we offer everything from Jazz, Gymnastics, Netball, Cricket, Football and fencing. From Year 3 onwards pupils are encouraged to represent the school by taking part in regular fixtures, tournaments and competitions, against local prep schools.


  • Whether it is through competitive sport, co-operative work or independent exploratory sessions, we equip our pupils with the physical tools and motivation to remain active into adolescence and beyond.

Main Competitive Sports at Sarum Hall School

  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Swimming


Assemblies are an essential part of the Sarum Hall life and we meet 4 times a week to celebrate the success of the girls in a variety of endeavours, as well as listening to performance and class assemblies and themed inspirational stories or demonstrations by staff and pupils alike.

Performance Assemblies

  • Every week girls have the chance to perform solos or duets etc. in our performance assembly. This gives them the opportunity to perform in a relaxed, friendly and informal environment and to listen to each other.

Recital Evenings

  • There are two recital evenings each year. In the spring for Years 5 and 6 and in early summer for Years 3 and 4 The aim is to give children confidence when performing solo or in small groups in a welcome, friendly environment. These evening concerts take place in the school hall and are for girls in Year 3 upwards. Younger performers are encouraged to play in performance assemblies (to which parents are invited) and in front of peers in class music lessons.

School Plays

  • Years 1 and 2 perform a short musical together at Christmas. Nursery and Reception perform a short musical revue at Christmas. Both performances take place during afternoons. In the Summer Term, Year 6 rehearse and perform a musical on two evenings and one afternoon.

Carol Service

  • The carol service takes place in St Mary’s Church, Primrose Hill. Each class prepares a class carol with or without percussion. The choirs prepare special carols and the orchestra plays. This is a service, not a concert, but a good level of performance is achieved.

Other Church Services

  • These take place in St. Mary’s Church. All girls from Reception upwards participate in hymn singing. The choirs usually sing an anthem. These services include occasions such as Harvest, End of the School year, etc.

School Concerts

  • There is an annual school concert which normally takes place in the summer term. The concert consists of performances by the junior and senior choirs, orchestra, chamber, recorder, keyboard and violin groups as well as soloists from Year 6. The aim is to give the children the opportunity of performing in a welcoming environment and listening to each other.


Sarum Hall places great emphasis on having a ‘family feel’ and therefore the ability to unite staff, parents and pupils alongside extended family is extremely important to us. Our Special Events provide us with the opportunity to share good work and performances with a wider audience, and to the benefit of the entire school community.

Open Day

  • Our annual Saturday Open Day each Spring Term welcomes girls and their families to view work within their classrooms and around school.
  • Old Girls are warmly invited to attend our Open Day. It’s the perfect way to catch up and learn what our leavers have been up to since we saw them last, as well as allowing them to see how Sarum Hall has changed over the years.

Parents’ Day

  • On Parents’ Day, the parents of girls in Nursery and Reception are invited to spend time in class with their daughters and get ‘hands-on’ experience of exciting ,and occasionally messy, activities such as construction, puppet theatre, cooking, art and crafts and reading.

Harvest Festival

  • We celebrate Harvest Festival with a service at our local church, St Mary’s. The generous harvest contributions donated by our families each year are taken to the Simon Community, a homeless centre in Kentish Town.


  • Our annual carol service at St Mary’s Church is held just before the end of the autumn term. Nativity plays are performed for parents by Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 classes. All the girls enjoy traditional festive parties at the end of the term.

Summer productions

  • As well as the traditional Nativity plays at Christmas, at the end of the summer term, Nursery and Reception girls present a short musical play to parents. Year 6 pupils work throughout their final term on a full-scale production, performed for families on two nights during their last week at Sarum Hall.

“Why did we choose Sarum Hall? Its reputation and our observations on the school’s value system and pastoral care, and how they raise the girls in addition to educating them. Also their commitment to music, the arts and extra-curricular activities.”

Sarum Hall School parent

“I think she is being extremely well taught in a very nurturing environment.”


Sarum Hall parent

“My daughter is happy and enjoys her school experience immensely. She often surprises us with the breadth of her knowledge.”

Sarum Hall parent