Term Dates

Spring 2024

Term Starts: Thursday 4th January

Half Term: Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February

Term Ends: Friday 22nd March

Academic Year 2023-2024

Summer 2024

  • Term Starts: Tuesday 16th April
  • Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May
  • Half Term: Friday 24th May to Friday 31st May (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Thursday 4th July


Academic Year 2024-2025

Autumn 2024

  • Term Starts: Thursday 5th September
  • Half Term: Thursday 24th October to Friday 1st November (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Thursday 12th December (noon)

Spring 2025

  • Term Starts: Tuesday 7th January
  • Half Term: Friday 14th February to Friday 21st February (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Friday 28th March

Summer 2025

  • Term Starts: Wednesday 23rd April
  • Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May
  • Half Term: Friday 23rd May to Friday 30th May (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Wednesday 9th July

“Why did we choose Sarum Hall? Its reputation and our observations on the school’s value system and pastoral care, and how they raise the girls in addition to educating them. Also their commitment to music, the arts and extra-curricular activities.”

Sarum Hall School parent

“I think she is being extremely well taught in a very nurturing environment.”


Sarum Hall parent

“My daughter is happy and enjoys her school experience immensely. She often surprises us with the breadth of her knowledge.”

Sarum Hall parent