We aim to produce competent and confident mathematicians. In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, the girls are encouraged to use the wide range of practical resources available to support their learning and promote understanding of the concepts involved. They are gradually introduced to more abstract concepts and learn to record their work clearly and logically.

Calculation skills, investigation, problem solving and application of maths to real-life situations form a key part of the work undertaken by our girls. Throughout their time at Sarum Hall, there is an emphasis on acquiring strong mental maths skills.

Girls in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to represent the school in maths competitions, such as the Maths Belmont Challenge. They also enjoy taking part in the Mathematical Association Primary Maths Challenge where girls regularly make it through to the finals and secure medals.

The school has a Maths Calculation Policy to ensure continuity and progression in maths skills throughout our school.